The Order of the Arrow consists of three distinct organizational levels: Lodges, Sections, and Regions. Each level within the Order of the Arrow has different tasks, Lodges work closely with their respective Council to deliver programs at a more local level. Sections consist of a few Lodges, Section E2 consists of 6 Lodges: Mishigami, Miami, Tindeuchen, Tarhe, Ku-Ni-Eh, and Mawat Woakus. 

Each section is led by a Chief, Vice Chief, and Secretary, who play a crucial part in making the annual Conclave a success. The Section may lead training seminars, promote national programs of emphasis, and provide resources to local Lodges. The Section Chief presides over the Council of Chiefs, attended by delegates of each member Lodge.

Section E-2 was created from the merger of Section C-2 and Section C-6B in 2022. Both previous Sections held their annual conclave a week apart from each other and would be officially merged at the conclusion of their last conclave. Months later the first officers would be elected to serve the Section in its first year. The Section Team went on to set our Section up on a solid foundation for many years to come. 

Wild wild conclave

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May 12-14, 2024 - Camp Miakonda