Section History

    In 2021 the four legacy lodges that previously took up the area of Section E2 were all merged to create one “mega lodge” known as Mishigami Lodge. With this merger brought many new challenges, one of these challenges was the operations of Section C2. Section C2 now only had one lodge, putting them in a difficult position. Questions about how Section C2 would operate with only one lodge were up in the air. The Section leadership of Section C2 took it into their hands to find a way to still support this single lodge while being careful not to overstep their boundaries. The relationship between Section C2 and Mishigami Lodge was strong in their first year. Even though a great relationship was formed, it was still obvious that this was a special situation and it didn’t make sense to have a one section one lodge operation. 

    In the fall of 2021 Section C2 and Section C6B were given news that they would be merged following the Region Realignment know as Project Magellan. Both Sections went about their usual operations and planned their annual conclaves knowing that following the conclusion of their conclaves they would be one section. Both sections were excited for the new opportunities with this new section. Following the conclusion of both section conclaves the new officers for Section E2 were elected. These officers were faced with the challenge of creating a new section, under the guidance of their advisers this mission would begin. 

Conclave History:

2023: Mawat Woakus – 80’s

2024: Tindeuchen – Wild Wild Conclave

Future Conclave Schedule:

2025: Mishigami

2026: Kunieh

2027: Tarhe

2028: Miami 

2029: Mawat Woakus

Wild wild conclave

registration open

May 12-14, 2024 - Camp Miakonda